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I. First Encounter

  Raphael descended in the forest within the trees as to not be seen in case any humans were around. Their turn to appear to them had not come. Creeping through the forest grounds, feet barely touching the rot of leaves and branches beneath them, they peer beyond a tree: a clearing where a creature not of this human earth like they’ve ever seen paced in a circle. His clothes were like his heavenly garb he was to wear at the end of the earth, but black on the outside and red on the inside. His wings, like a bat’s but large and black, thick and heavy. They felt overwhelming vibes and energies from this creature, nothing he’s ever felt before. They made Raphael feel...bad.
	Suddenly the creature stopped and looked at Raphael’s direction. Raphael gasped and hid further behind the tree, but not before catching a glimpse at the creature’s abrupt transformation and now shown facial features. This creature, his wings turned like Raphael’s own, but remained black and heavy, feathers coarse. Shortly before the black and red cloak disappearing, his hooves turned to actual feet and the horns on his head shrunk back to his skull. What hair he did not have grew in, indigo black, short and slicked back. His skin began to burn in the sunlight, blister with heat and scale off until his skin was pure white. His eyes, now visible, shone dull black. This was not a creature of Earth.
	“Who’s there?” the creature spoke, his voice sounding unearthly, but the opposite of holy. A term Raphael did not know the word for. “Michael? Gabriel? Is it one of you? I know you’re an archangel, I felt you from beyond…” he snarled at the tree Raphael hid behind. How did he know their elder’s names? Raphael wondered. 
	“Come out before I make you come out!” the creature cackled and approached the tree. Raphael thought it best to just face the demon.
	Raphael lifted themselves from the ground with their wings, and with their benediction voice they called to the demon. “Stop your approach! It is I, Raphael, messenger of God. Who may you be, creature not of this earth?” The creature hissed at Raphael’s hand sign and backed away, feather’s dropping.
	“Ok ok Raphael, no need for that. I get who you are now put that away!” The creature pleaded hastily as he covered his face from Raphael. They gently placed themselves back on the ground, normal voice returning. 
	“Fine. Who may you be, mysterious creature?”
	“My name is Lucifer, Raphael. I see God had made new angels since my plight from his nest.” Raphael’s eyes widened. Seeing a good look at Lucifer now, they now realize that this is not just their long lost brother, but the castaway brother. The one no one speaks of, or if they do, he is spoken of in whispers. 
	“Lucifer?” was all Raphael could muster out. “But...what are you doing here?”
	“Me? Just plotting my part of the war. My demons are only good at commanding. And hey anyways what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be singing with some cherubs or some shit like that?” Lucifer laughed, a laugh that send waves of more bad energies rushing past Raphael. 
	“No, I…” Raphael was lost for words. “I came here to find you and...eradicate you!”
	“You?” his dark eyes looked Raphael up and down and chuckled. “You’ve got to be shitting me. Don’t you know Michael could barely win over me? If not for my stupid demons I would’ve killed God then!”
	Raphael stood there, unafraid but deeply offended at what this guy was saying. How, if what Gabriel said was true, how could Lucifer, a creation of Father, hate and want to kill his own father? Raphael stood ground. “I came not to eradicate you completely, but to heal you!” To this, Lucifer looked at him with the strangest of looks. “You see, I’ve heard of you before and I think that all that needs to happen is that you must be saved! By the glory of God almighty, you can come back to us! Don’t you miss heaven? Father? All the angels and us, your family?”
	“Why would I need that if I chose this life, Raphael?” Lucifer moved towards him. “Do you not see? Are you so blinded by what that damned God says to you? Do you not see the reality of this world he had created? It’s not always good and happy, there has to be knowledge, power he is hiding from you--!” he stopped, covered his mouth tiredly, and sighed. “You will not understand.” then his face lit up. “But you can.”
	“I will not join your ways, Lucifer.” Raphael shook his head. “All I want is for you to have retribution. For you to see an eternity with our heavenly Father, the one who--”
	“The one who forsook me for giving me this power, this knowledge? Ha, I think the fuck not.”
	“Look I’m not saying everyone wants you back,”
	“No one wants me back”
	“I’m saying you don’t have to suffer anymore.” 
	Lucifer crossed his arms and scowled away from Raphael. After a short silence, Raphael said “ok” shrugged, and flew back up.
	“You’ll be back” Lucifer’s voice sounded intimately into Raphael’s ear despite them being miles and miles apart by now.

Chapter 2