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II. Admitted

  “What? You spoke with him?” 
	“Yeah, why not? He said I’d be back as I left. He’s quite odd too.”
	“Of course he is Raphael, he’s the devil!” Michael shouted. Gabriel grabbed Michael’s shoulder as if to calm him down.
	“Raf,” Gabriel looked not at Rafael as ae spoke. “You have to understand that you know nothing about Lucifer or what transpired those centuries ago. You have no idea…” Ae trailed off, sounding more heartbroken than before. “Michael, go to Father and tell him about what’s happened. Raphael, stay here while we bring Father. You can explain everything to Him.”
	“B-but...Gabriel I just want answers,” Raphael pleaded, not wanting to speak to God just right now.
	“You know what Father will say Raf, If anyone among you thinks that he is wise in this age, let him become a fool that he may become wise.”
	Raphael pondered on that for a minute. “Gabe, I don’t think that relates to this.”
	“Regardless Raphael, just know that this knowledge is not for you to bear. This--”
	This is the most disrespectful thing you can do to me Raphael. God’s booming voice came from behind Gabriel, startling aer. Ae turned around and looked at God’s feet, kneeling before him. Raphael just bowed briefly. How could you go and meet with Lucifer? What in the world would make you think it’s such a good idea? Go and meet with the devil himself? What is in your mind Raphael? Have I not satisfied your knowledge enough?
	Raphael looked at God’s knees, because that’s all they could see. “Father, I…”
	“Father do not blame it all on them,” Gabriel spoke, still looking at his feet, “Raphael was just curious on matters that they’ve not experienced before--”
	On matters that do not concern them, Gabriel. God’s voice softened. I honor your need to protect them, Gabriel, your sweet soul continues on to be a delicate portion of what I’ve created of you. Raphael needs to learn though. At that moment, one of the choir angels appeared beside God. Here, Raphael. This choir angel will tell you all you need to know. She will follow you around until you’ve had your fill on knowledge.
	Well, thought Raphael, at least I’ll gain some facts about this whole situation.


	“I’ve had enough of this angel,” Raphael said to Daniel, the cherub, barely able to hear their own voice over that of the angel. “She’s not even telling me anything! Just keeps repeating the same thing over and over--”
	Daniel giggled. “I can see that. I see the Lord really thinks you messed up with that.”
	“This is nothing to be giggling about Daniel.” Raphael crossed their arms and harrumphed. “I have to find a way to convince Father that Lucifer can change if we just--”
	“Aaarrhhh!!” shouted Raphael as they tried to move out of the angel’s way. “I can’t think with this!”
	“Raf, Raf, listen to me,” Daniel flew over to them, holding their face in his hands. “I think what’s the least of your worries now is how to convince the Lord to let you convert Lucifer. What you should worry about now is…” He looked over to the hollering angel without saying another word, and back to Raphael, nodding once.
	Raphael turned and faced the angel, raising his hand. “Angel of choir,” the angel stopped hollering. “Tell the Lord thank you for his lesson, I have learned well. Peace be with you.”
	“And unto you,” said the angel before completely dissolving in a plume of cloud.
	“Praise the Lord that’s over!” Daniel said. “Now, what are you gonna do about...you know who?”
	Raphael sat down on a cloud, pensive, surveying the earth below. “If I can figure out some way to get some sort of information of what happened to Lucifer… But who would know and be willing to give me information?”
	Daniel sat next to them, also thinking for a little while before asking quietly “What about Gabriel?”
	Raphael inhaled and thought about Gabriel. “Ae seems to side with Michael too much to give out sensitive information like that though.”
	“And you definitely can’t go to Michael!”
	“No, no I can’t now can I. He’s too…”
	“Michael” they said together, and laughed.
	Daniel looked down to the earth as their laughter died. Looking at Raphael once more, he stated “Raph I think you have two options.”
	“Oh? What would those be?”
	“Either you go down to the humans and ask, or…” Daniel paused as his face became grim. “You can go directly to him.” He said as he looked back down at the earth.
	Raphael looked down at the earth. They’ve never been in contact with a human before, they didn’t even know if that was allowed! Angels always went down there to protect the humans, but that’s the job of the angels. Michael and Gabriel went down there a couple times, but that was under God’s orders. Raphael had never been in contact with a human before, they wondered how that would happen.
  “Daniel,” Raphael started quietly. “How would we necessarily know which humans know about Lucifer?”
  “Hmm, good question. You could mingle among the humans and ask? I mean, I spend all my time looking at them, there’s bound to be someone who thinks about him? I mean they all think about Our Lord, right?”
  “I mean, I think so? They should, right?”
They both silently nodded, hesitantly. Since neither of them have interacted with a human before, neither of them knew.
  “What was that other option you had, Daniel?”
  “Hm? Oh, uh, go to him directly?”
  “That seems…too…direct…?” Truth be told, Raphael was scared of going to hell to speak with Lucifer. They wanted to avoid going to such unholy places as much as possible. “Maybe I should try my luck with the humans.”
  “I mean, yeah. Don’t think anyone here would give you info huh?”
Raphael looked forward, not vocally answering Daniel.
  “Come, Daniel. Let’s prepare to go to earth.”


  “But why?”
  “Because I said so, and plus, Father won’t let you just wander around Earth looking for Lucifer! It’s preposterous, inane, nonsensical! If Father has given you all the knowledge you need, why crave more? You know, that’s exactly—” Michael stopped his nagging suddenly, still looking sternly at Raphael, then looking away, a different expression on his face. He sighed, putting his hand on his face. “Look, I know you want answers but you won’t find it there. Just, why not stay here and uh, help me clean up the house? Or find something to do? You’re not bored are you?”
  “No, Michael that’s not it. I just don’t get, if Lucifer’s one of our siblings, why won’t he just come back to us and we’ll be a big united family?”
  “Because, Raphael, you don’t know what happened, what transpired then! You can’t understand!”
  “Then why won’t anyone tell me?”
  “Because! We don’t speak of him anymore! He’s, he’s dead to us!” Michael shouted that, now with tears in his eyes.
  “What is all the yelling going on here?” Gabriel came in with Barachiel in aer arms. “Barachiel here’s trying to read to me…”
  “Why don’t you ask Raphael here? See where they want to wander off too, go on, tell aer.”
  “I, uh, me and Daniel want to go to earth to seek out Lucifer.”
  “But Raphael—” Gabriel started, but then finally looked at Michael, noticing the tears on his face. “Raphael, come. I want you to read with me and Barachiel.”
  “Gabe, I have no time. I really need to go now before—”
  “Before what, Raph?” Gabriel said accusingly. “Before the war, no?”
  “I…” Raphael didn’t think to why they were in a rush before, but it just seemed urgent to go soon. “Listen, I just need to get to him. I’m sure with some love and healing—”
  “That monster has no SOUL, Raphael!” Michael shouted between quiet sniffles. “He’s GONE from us. Dead.”
  “Look, Raphael, if you really want to seek answers, there’s literally no one stopping you.” Gabe looked at them, no sign of emotion on aer face. “So go, if the Good Lord allows it. Just please,” Aer eyes darted to Michael, then back to Raphael. “No more of this once you find the answers.”
  At this point Michael’s cries were a little more vocal, though still below speaking volume. Gabriel turned, giving Raphael one long glance, and walked towards Michael.
  Raphael stood there for a second, feeling the emotions that Michael was stifling to emit, then walked away.

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