Cybresomatic Zine #1: Cultures

My mother never taught me curse words in spanish.

within my flesh
fat and meat and muscle and fat
bone attached to bone.
life, live,
hands raised high
muscles contracting and expanding
nerves showering cold
liquid through veins and skin, 
veins and bone.
my skin is not like the others.
calloused from the struggle to uplift the
heavy boxes my mother pushed and pressed
for $15 an hour,
though seeming enough to get anyone by,
for us browned by the kisses of the sun,
is never enough to exist.
scarred, a life telling a story
i could only be ashamed of
because of the white supremacy that hunts my
people in the night.
a creature sits atop the spire,
looking below at the children
smiling with ugly teeth
ready to consume their innocent flesh.
my mother prays at night for these children,
praying to the god her people had followed for so long,
and praying to another mother from beyond.
my tongue is scathed,
bloody and scarred from the
peers that mocked my skin,
my mother tongue,
forcing me to dream upon dreams
of blond eyes blue hair
fair skin and fair life.
this life for me is not fair.

but its the life i take pride in.

Mark Zuckerburg with the flashing text saying YOU ARE NOT A GOD
snow white was the ideal.
she was 
the damsel in distress
the one you should aspire to be
but your tan skin
and your brown eyes
dont decieve anyone.

green eyes
red hair
pale white skin.
sleeping beauty was the ideal.
she was
the damsel in distress
the one you should aspire to be
but your dark hair
and your fat body
dont decieve anyone.

hazel eyes
blond hair
skin white pale.
cinderella was the ideal.
she was
the damsel in disress
the one you should aspire to be
but your mother tongue
and your fat nose
dont decieve anyone.

princesses are the goal.
but they remain princesses

I become royalty
I become Queen.

Flashing text from wikipedia stating 'Silicon Valley has a severe housing shortage, caused by the market imbalance between jobs created and housing units built: from 2010 to 2015, many more jobs have been created than housing units built. (400,000 jobs, 60,000 housing units)[55] This shortage has driven home prices extremely high, far out of the range of production workers.[56] As of 2016 a two-bedroom apartment rented for about $2,500 while the median home price was about $1 million.[55] The Financial Post called Silicon Valley the most expensive U.S. housing region.[57] Homelessness is a problem with housing beyond the reach of middle-income residents; there is little shelter space other than in San Jose which, as of 2015, was making an effort to develop shelters by renovating old hotels.[58] Notable companies' with the words NOT OK in the corner in bright red and black
Madre Guadalupe
usted bien sabes de mi peor pesadilla
ayuda me en este tiempo
y socorre todos los niños
que son raptados de los hombros de sus padres
si no fuera por mi madre bendita
yo tambien tendra la misma destino.

San Raphael,
el santo que cura y de buen estar
sana a mis hermanos y hermanas
mis compañeros y mis camaradas
de todo de sus dolores
y de el odio de el capitalismo.

San Miguel,
ayudanos en esta batalla
contra la tristesa
y la atrapamiento
de nuestra raza
nuestra gente
porque la mala gente
quiere derribarnos
y submitir al odio y malestar

quida nos a todos
pero mas
quidete a usted.


Text backdrop from wikipeida stating 'Crime 
Statistics regarding crime rates in the Bay Area generally fall into two categories: violent crime and property crime. Historically, violent crime has been concentrated in a few cities in the East Bay, namely Oakland, Richmond, and Antioch, but also East Palo Alto in the Peninsula, Vallejo in the North Bay, and San Francisco.[158] Nationally, Oakland's murder rate ranked 18th among cities with over 100,000 residents, and third for violent crimes per capita.[159] According to a 2015 Federal Bureau of Investigation report, Oakland was also the source of the most violent crime in the Bay Area, with 16.9 reported incidents per thousand people. Vallejo came in second, at 8.7 incidents per thousand people, while San Pablo, Antioch, and San Francisco rounded out the top five. East Palo Alto, which used to have the Bay Area's highest murder rate, saw violent crime incidents drop 65% between 2013 and 2014, while Oakland saw violent crime incidents drop 15%.[158] Meanwhile, San Jose, which was one of the safest large cities in the United States in the early 2000s, has seen its violent crime rates trend upwards.[160] Cities with the lowest rate of violent crime include the Peninsula cities of Los Altos and Foster City, East Bay cities of San Ramon and Danville, and South Bay cities of Saratoga and Cupertino. In 2015, 45 Bay Area cities counted zero homicides, the largest of which was Daly City.[158]

In 2015, Oakland also saw the highest rates of property crime in the Bay Area, at 59.4 incidents per thousand residents, with San Francisco following close behind at 53 incidents per thousand residents. The East Bay cities Pleasant Hill, Berkeley, and San Leandro rounded out the top five. The South Bay city of Saratoga and the North Bay city of Windsor saw the least rates of property crime.[158] Additionally, San Francisco saw the most reports of arson.[159]

Several street gangs operate in the Bay Area, including the Sureños and Norteños in San Francisco's Mission District.[161] African-American street gangs familiar in other cities, including the Crips, have struggled to establish footholds in the city,[162] although gangs with shotcallers in China, including Triad groups such as the Wo Hop To, have been reported active.[163] In 1977, an ongoing rivalry between two Chinese gangs led to a shooting attack at the Golden Dragon restaurant in Chinatown, which left five people dead and eleven wounded. Five members of the Joe Boys gang were arrested and convicted of the crime.[164] Oakland, which also sees organized gang violence, implemented Operation Ceasefire in 2012 in an effort to reduce the violence.[165]' and flashing over it stating in black letters 'MY HOME IS NOT UNSAFE'


[This quiz was left intentionally (???) blank]

Model Minority my ass
The STAR test was a scam
set to displace my people
giving me a sleep pill
make us comatose god damn it.

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